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911 Sullivan Road, Aurora, IL 60506
P: (630) 844-9288
F: (630) 844-9398
E: sales@belmontmachinery.com

Horizontal Boring Mills > 4" WOTAN Table Type HBM

Size 4"
Year 1972

ONE USED  -       4” WOTAN Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill

                              Model: B105M

                              Serial Number: 52454

                              New 1972

                              49” Vertical Travel of Headstock

                              72” Table Cross Travel

                              44” x 55” Power Rotary Table

                              #50 Taper with Power Draw Bar

                              Spindle Speeds from 20 to 1600 RPM

                              Built in Outriggers


                              Pendant Control

                              3 Axis Digital Readout

                                    9 kw Main Motor 

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