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Room 503, Building 7, Manting Fangyuan, 69 Qiaoguang West Road
P: (+86) 668-5656
F: (020) 655-9588
E: sales@hualantech.com


Belmont Machinery Company has been buying and selling metalworking machine tools for 60 years. 水果派在线看免费观看视频,Since 1960 we have specialized in providing quality used manual horizontal boring mills, vertical boring mills, large engine lathes, cylindrical and surface grinders, radial drills, as well as accessories for boring mills.

Belmont Machinery Company buys machinery strictly based on the quality of the machine, and not the price. We purchase only excellent condition machinery for our inventory. We do not rebuild or recondition machinery. We own what we advertise, and most machines are in stock, or in transit to our facility. 水果派在线看免费观看视频,菠萝菠萝蜜在线视频,If you are looking for a machine in excellent condition to expand your production, or to replace a similar worn out machine, please contact us for your needs and arrange an under power inspection at our warehouse in Aurora Illinois.




Have a machine to sell? From a single machine to an entire plant, 菠萝菠萝蜜在线视频,we are always looking to buy.

Worldwide Shipping

We are capable of shipping all over the globe.


We have a large selection of machines available. If you don't see what you need, 水果派在线看免费观看视频,tell us what you are looking for and we will be happy to find it for you.

A Family Owned Business

We are proud to continue our tradition of excellence here at Belmont Machinery Company. Founded in 1960, we are still going strong three generations later.